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Hello, I just purchased a 1985 300CD. Others who I had spoken to who own MBZ diesels claim to get around 25mpg around town and from 28-32 on the hwy.

After purchasing this vehicle and making about $2K in repairs (including setting the valves) I drove the car 1100 miles in about 17 hours. The fuel mileage for the trip was from 20 to 22 mpg.

This is quite a bit less than what I had expected. Can any of you knowledgeable folks tell me if my experience is typical? I had one mechanic tell me that I could need to have my injector pump "timed," another suggested that the injector nozzles may not be spraying properly.

I am hoping for some guidance from folks who know these cars... if you can help, please respond.


Steve Atkinson
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