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Thanks guys for the input. MUCH appreciated.

Chowpit, I saw the amp draw test in the CD, but I do not (yet) own an amp-meter or current draw diagnostic meter. I was thinking that maybe there is a ‘typical’ type of problem (or failure mode) that is experienced with some degree of regularity – the lazy (or ill-equipped) persons way of “diagnosis” .

And MUCH thanks for the tip on using a 6mm hex key – you just saved me $40 that can be better spent, like on an amp-meter . Just wondering if there is anything that I need to watch out for while using the allen wrench – is this a job where delicacy is needed, or do I use the Neanderthal approach & just shove it in there and start grinding away? Do I need to be concerned about any chips/chunks of carbon ending up in the chamber?

And tkamiya, thanks for the info regarding the accuracy & window or margin of error on the multimeters – I was not aware of this.

MANY Thanks! And considering my questions, I better include one of my ‘tag’ lines on the sign off…

Ignorant, but working on it.

“Ignorance is due to the lack of information; Stupidity is the lack of ability to utilize information”
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