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I Hate The One In My Car...

The former owner did a pathetic job of installing it just under the door latch on the driver's side. I took it off, and now have to look at the screwholes everytime I get in the car.

An alternative cupholder is a simple device made by Rubber Queen that has a wide rubber strap that slips between the windowglass and the door, and the holder hangs down from the strap. What's great is it's unbreakable, removable, comes in different colors, and can be easily moved without leaving behind any damage. It's model # 5121 Cup & Can Holder.

You can find these at WalMart, K-Mart, Target, PepBoys, AutoZone, Ace Hardware, True Value

For more information go to:, contact the Rubber Queen Customer Service Department, 1-800-622-9141 or email them at

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