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The Bob
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I agree with you about repairing before it goes south all on its own. At least we can avoid alot of excessive diagnosis. I replaced the swithover valves and control unit and two of the elements. I have considered changing the other before the summer is over. I think I need a deserving rest from auto repair. In the two months that I own this car I put in new shocks, injectors, brakes, fuel filters, trans fluid, retrofit the ac and halfway rebuilt the climate control unit, new battery, new michilin tires, headlights, and drove over one hour to buy some delvac 1. But where else could I have such a nice car for the money that I paid for it. I get some flack from my family that I am excessive with my cars but I dont think so.

I am thinking about replacing the reciever and dryer and evaporator. But I am tired and my other car needs work.

Thanks for all your replies.

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