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Save Your Money...

This drinkholder thing has been discussed already here on the forums, and those same overpriced plastic ones that the dealer and sells for $39.95 are obtainable for about $4 at outlets like WalMart.

I hated the one I had that was installed by the previous owner, it was crap, and was always in the way of my left leg when folded down. And that was one of the expensive ones from a Mercedes dealer!

I'm not sure what Jim means when he says that the screws will not damage anything behind them. The screws will permanently damage your door panel, will cause the batting under the outer skin to wrap around the screws, and unless the door panel is removed to install it, you will never be sure if it is anchored properly. If this were not true, the manufacturer wouldn't provide double stick tape to secure it.

Here's two previous threads with other sources

cup holders


As for the "proletariat" Rubber Queen cupholders, they come in a variety of colors, won't break like the $40 one will, are not permanently installed, so they do no damage to your interior, and can be tossed into the glovebox or trunk when you're not using them. You can even move them to other vehicles.

Besides, a true motoring enthusiast would never be caught dead eating or drinking in their car...:p

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