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Try Vinylex

I had the same problem since purchasing my 1984 300SD. Granted, I don't have the same model as your C class, but perhaps my experience may prove useful.

I mentioned that I had a "creaking" sound when hitting bumps, and my independent shop suggested silicone grease at the bottom edge of the inside door panel. Remembering from previous posts here that Lexol Vinylex contained silicone, I decided to detail all of my MB-Tex interior using Vinylex and terry cloth towels and diaper type cloths. I treated the rubber weather strips, as well as the entire door skins, all over, using liberal amounts of Vinylex.

Anyway, the car seems much quieter overall, and the squeaking is 95% gone!! I can only assume that the Vinylex "fed" the dry vinyl, making it heavier, improving its sound insulating qualities, and getting rid of the squeak by adding some lubrication.

I would estimate that I used half the bottle of Vinylex, so don't be afraid to apply, and reapply, if it looks like you need to. Even if this doesn't cure your problem, your door skins will look better Nix this idea if your panels have leather or cloth on them, though...
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