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Thanks Joe for the clarification, and to "Hectortam" for your insight. Got 130k, not sure if prior owner did injectors, so I may do that next week. Any idea how costly I can expect that to be?

I'm also installing new wires tonight, Karlans from a wholesaler out in CA for $74. Hope they're any good. Joe, I'm having trouble locating that throttle position switch you referred to. Is it the one that appears to have a rehostat attatched to it under the throttle lever (what the lever returns to and rests on when not actuated, that is easily seen standing on the driver side and looking straight at the throttle where the mechanism ends)? Or is it further back up the throttle cable up toward the throttle body area and firewall? I'd like to get a good look at that.

I need to get this sorted out, it's running a bit rich. So rich that I just had my exhaust done, removed pre-cats, installed Catco cat, and kept factory muffler / resonator, and the cat rattled the next day. They cut it out and it was burnt already. Best part is that they're ordering me an OE one to put back in and now I'm running CATLESS. The power and sound are great, but I'm up for CT emissions in Sept. Oh well...

Tx again.


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