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I have located a parts car '81 240D manual for the transmission parts to swap into my '84 300DT. I want to make sure everything will swap into my car. My manual says the manual transmission was changed for '82 and says the '81 and older manual transmissions can not be removed from the car without taking the motor and tranny out as a unit. Mentions something about some bolts that can not be reached with the motor in the car. Is this true? I definitely don't plan on pulling my 300D motor out, so I need to know if I can install this manual 4-speed into my car without a huge headache!

Please tell me any other things I need to know about this swap. From what I've read on this site it should be a straight bolt in job. Should I use the 240D flywheel or the 300D flywheel? Is the rear automatic tranny bracket and mount in the right place for the manual transmission?

Thank you,

Greg Spring
'84 300D
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