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A few weeks ago, by 1981 Volvo's heater hoses finally quit so I replaced all of the heater hoses. (gee 20 years, not bad)

So, that got me to pondering some of the greater questions in life, like: "just how long will a set of MB heater hoses go before they so no more?"

As a matter of practice I've changed out the radiatior hoses every 6 years (flushing and replacing coolant every 3 of course). I'm sure the radiator hoses last much longer than that, so I over kill a bit. They are darn fine hoses.

So, what do the more experienced mechs say about those heater hoses? Then add the Momma factor. The momma factor has to do with the relationship of risk vs cost savings vs who is in the car when the hose finally goes. Me or her and her babies? There is a big difference there.

So, "just how long will a set of MB heater hoses go before they so no more?" or stated a slightly different way, "what would be a prudent preventive maintenance cycle on heater hoses, every 20 years?" Clamps too?

And who the heck sells the great hose clamps we find on or trusty German steads? You know, the ones that don't cut up our hoses as we worm the screw.

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