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The car (84 380SE) is now sitting in the garage, cranks but won't start. I have observed that there is spark on an earthed spark plug attached to the distributor end of coil wire, but no sparks on the spark plug wires (tried on wires for cylinders 1 & 2.

Now the fact that this is happening, does that mean the problem *IS* either cap, rotor or HT leads?
AND that the ignition module (on fender inner) and other electrics (coil, distrubutor, resistors, green wire etc) *are* working properly?

My understanding is that *if* some on the electronics are down, eg distributor inners, green wire to ignition module or the moduel itself, then there wouldn't be sparks at all anywhere.

Other info: OVP and ignition coil are new, the cap and rotor are 5 months old, all HT leads have aroud 1.1k ohms, and I have tried starting with my old cap and rotor (which was old but working).

Thanks guys and any comments would be appreciated.

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