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To Bill Rogers:

The name of the shop that rebuilt my transmission (actually they rebuilt theirs and took mine as a core) is called Clark Auto. It used to be located in Clark NJ but I received a notice that it moved somewhere else in NJ. I don't have the notice anymore. They specialize in rebuilding MB and BMW auto trans and that is all they do. They don't even install them or sell parts. It seems like a top notch place to get a MB or BMW trans at a reasonable price. The owner came from Germany.

I called about a rebuilt on MON and they didn't have any rebuilt in stock because they don't usually stock any that old ('80 300SD). He said he had a core and would rebuild that for me. THR I got a call that it was ready. Since it was only about 200 miles from me and I was in a hurry for it, I went there FRI to get it and turned in my core trans. I was shown how to check and adjust the vacuum valve and told how the restriction in the "Y" connector works.

The building had many shelves with rebuilt trans on them. Must have been 50 or more trans ready to go. They will ship trans anywhere by UPS now that they ship up to 150#.

Sorry I don't know the new address and I don't think they have a web site. I found them in Hemmings Motor News (HMN)where they advertised. You might find them there in the MB parts section. I don't have a new HMN with their new address. If you don't have a HMN, I'm sure someone here will look it up for you. Their phone number when I went there was 732-396-8837 but it is probably changed by now. I got my trans about 3 years ago so the price might be higher by now.

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