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c43amg, you can go to a local euro recycler and see if you can buy buy a rotted out wood pannel or a cracked up one tha thas the clips for around 5 bucks. It takes some time and a lot of effort to get the clips back in place. You need to get clever with a screwdriver and a hammer. A easier way out is to get some double sided tape and just tape the thing down. The clips look like little black hooks without the end curled up. they kind of go like this: ---\___. they attach the center wood console(around the shifter) to the actual center console. if you decide to go the route of putting it in the actual correct way reply back and i'll give you more specific help. Also, if anyone wants help reparing a switch email me and i'll help with that too(i've done almost every single type of toggle switch in that thing) hope
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