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As far as running an engine with no oil in it, I simply wouldn't do it. One trick that I always do is unhook the coil lead so the car won't fire. Then I turn the starter motor 2 or 3 times for like .001 second. This just barely moves the parts around inside the engine. I also make sure the oil fill cap is off. This ventilates the engine. Then I give the car about a half an hour for the remaining oil to drain to the bottom of the pan. I don't use a top sider. I went the the Larry Bible School of oil changes. In fact, tonight I'm going to "Change it hot... Change it often." When I get home from work, I'll go inside, put on my cover-all's and go back out and drain the oil using the standard old oil drain plug just like my father did, and his father before him. Tomorrow I'll finish the job. As far as synthetic goes, I used to swear by it. Now, I don't bother. It's a finer grade of oil and it leaks out easier. Standard oil works fine as long as you stay on top of the maintance. Also, Fram filters are to your car what burger king is to your body. Next time you're at the dealership, grab a half dozen of the good ones and keep them around. Infact, I bet mercedesshop has a better deal on them.
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