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A/C problem has got me hot!!!

I have a 1982 230e. I believe the a/c was added after the car was manufactured. The a/c controls are in the upper console panel (where the defroster switch is) and consists of two round knobs--one for the blower and one for the temperature control.

I spent $160 having a shop check the system out. They put in a pound of freon with dye and told me the system was cooling and was in pretty good shape, but they couldn't guarantee what would happen once the system was under full pressure. They wanted another $300 to convert the system.

After thinking it over, I took it to a second shop and paid them $140 to install a new receiver dryer (I had bought on Ebay--didn't look exactly like the old one, but the fitting sizes matched), and put a freon charge in the system.

Bottom line--I picked the car up tonight and the a/c doesen't cool at all!! The second mechanic said it was a bad temperature control switch that was causing the problem, but when I turn that knob the compressor kicks on and I can see gurgling in the receiver dryer sight glass. Then nothing but hot air from the a/c, and the mechanics!

Please, please help!


'82 230e
'99 c203
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