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First i would like to say I am glad that you are not in worse shape than you are already in.

I agree with everyone that you must seek a physician and get physical therapy done.

The car can be replaced, but your back cannot.

I was in an accident 11 years ago. My back is still messed up to this day. once every so often, I wake up and have trouble moving. My back will never ever be healed, and I am consistantly having back problems to this day.

Just a few months back, I was reaching for something not a hard reach, and a rib just up and popped out of my back. Another time, my back froze up on me compleetely right before a golf tournament I was playing in. 3 hours at the chiropractor and I was looser but my game was way off.

I now cannot sit for extended periods of time without getting back pain.

When I take long trips, I have to get up and walk around for 15 minutes every 2 hours otherwise my back will tighten up and start to spasm like no tomorrow.

My spine is now curved inwards slightly as well, and my posture is not perfect. If I try to stand up with proper posture, my back starts going crazy after a few minutes.

All this because I was in an accident and did not get my back taken care of properly.

I wish you the best of luck in your recovery.

I really hope you get that bastard.

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