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[QUOTE]Originally posted by krasuskyp
[B]Steve, I'd hope that an oil pressure issue / worn bearing (!!!) issue would have reared it's ugly head after 10 months, especiallly after track use, etc. It's an intermittent issue as well, not a typical sign of bearing wear.

I have an '88 Integra which has had a cold engine valve noise for about the last 110k of its 180k miles. It is just one valve (or pair, 16V), and I suspect a sticky one, eg from a bent shaft or other. It clears up in a couple minutes of driving. It still rev's freely without distress and with power to 6500 rpm, when warm.

My point is that engine damage that causes a noise, whether scored bearings, warped valve shaft, etc, won't NECESSARILY result in rapid failure of the part.

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