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My transmission fluid is multiplying...

Hi folks - this place is incredible, and often over my head.

I'm a new owner of a 1982 300sd and a complete newbie in terms of car maintenance, but real interested in learning (i've now fixed my fuel sender, fixed my non-op FL and RW windows, replaced my trans. vacuum valves, changed fuel filters, changed oil and trans. filter/fluid).

I replaced my trans. filter and fluid last week, accidentally overfilled - and then drained off to the appropriate level.

The level read correctly the next day too (car idling at 80c temp.), but when I checked it this afternoon, it's a good inch over the max line.

What gives? I'm assuming that I should drain this extra too, but was wondering if i'm taking crazy pills, or if this happens to other people and can be logically explained?

I'm sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere. I searched and read a lot, but didn't see this issue raised
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