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In the context of YOUR question it's just a matter of terminology. I think that because of what Hollywood has done to the connotation of the word Mechanic, folks just tried to come up with something that didn't conjure up images of Goober.

In Europe automotive repair is a very respected profession. In this country, however, they are often thought of as Goobers. My Dad was/is a mechanic and a very smart and hard working guy. I have always despised the image that Hollywood has pinned on the automotive repair profession.

Today, for someone to be a good tech requires a lot of savvy. There are LOTS of guys out there who are good parts changers. What separates the real techs from the mechanics is the guys like Steve Brotherton who is a highly educated, smart and thoughtful auto troubleshooter. The modern automobile gets more complex with every model year and the parts changers are having a tougher and tougher time of it.

It really amazes me to see the number of "techs" who know so little about electricity, not to even mention electronics. There are also a surprising number of them who don't really understand basic engine theory. They get by because they can change parts fast thus making good commission money.
Not all of them fall in this category, however. I think that there is an increasing number of "techs" that have more understanding of modern automotive technology. At least I like to think so.

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