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4 cly diesel and 5 cly diesel weight

Hello, Can someone give me (or tell me where to go to get) an approx. weight of a complete pullout 4 cly diesel with a 4 sp. manual trans out of a 1979 240, and the weight of a complete pullout 5 cly diesel (has turbo) with an auto transmission out of a 1984 300?

I'm thinking of installing the 4 cly diesel in my 1934 Ford PU. If the 240 weighs about 3200# complete and my '34 weighs 2750# with the flathead, I'm thinking the '34 PU with the 4 cly diesel,4 sp. trans and rearend out of the 240, should weigh about the same or less than a stock 240. Wonder if it would give me 30mpg? Thanks, Joe.
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