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My recommendation would be to be less concerned with the dealer and more with the car. No matter where you buy one, take it somewhere else, to a MB dealership’s shop or a trusted independent, and have them do a used car inspection. In addition, have them lift the/a valve cover to see what condition the cam & related are in. Have them check under the battery for rust; have them check for accident repair, and that everything works, and that there are no weeping seals.

If at all possible, get a car with a Starmark warranty, or at least a good after market warranty. Once you have the car thoroughly inspected, make the dealer a reasonable offer.

Remember that for dealers, cars are a way to make money. They almost all offer no implied warranty, with vehicles sold “as is” and “where is.” Usually they buy at auction and try to sell the cars quickly. I’ve heard that often if a car hasn’t sold in 3 or 4 weeks it will be auctioned off again.

As an aside, I spent about 2 months looking for a 400E. Finally found one at the other end of the country and had it shipped to me. It was well worth the wait, even though the dealer was somewhat less than totally forthcoming. I expected that, after all.

Good luck!

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