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I am learning so much about this mercedes, My guess is that I changed out the primary, i wasn't aware of a secondary.

Part # 000-078-03-89 Fuel Pressure Regulator.

Part # 005-542-26-17 Temperature Sensor
Part# 002-542-21-17 Water Temp Sensor
Where on the car those two sensors go I have no idea, But I am sure my father took care of those.

The Battery is one month old, so that should be ok.

I think this occured all of a sudden, The Car was sitting in My Garage for 4 months, ( I bought a new BMW 328i Convertible)
Thn I asked my Father to come pick the mercedes up in dallas so that we could finish restoring it. Made the 400 mile trip no problems,

Then this rough idleing, and the spark plugs having that black carbon soot on them, we clean them, the they get sooted up again.

I will check on a secondary Fuel Pressure regulator,
I will order today a new Manifold pressure sensor
and a fuel pressure sensor today and have those sent to him

You guys are alot of help THANK YOU SO MUCH, I will let you know what finally fixes it.
NO wires or anything have been replaced on this car it seems like for 30 years.
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