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Angry HEAT STROKE in 1989 300E

I have a very big 300E problem . The A/C blower motor went out about a month ago. So I basically have no A/C, I am fixing the A/C in the 240D this summer and was going to replace the blower motor in the 300E during the winter. I figured I could survive this summer by just rolling down the windows in the 300E. Well the drivers windows and the rear passenger side windows were the only ones that went down (I was to lazy to fix them when I had A/C). But, now the drivers side window does not go down now. So now all I have is the rear passenger window and the sunroof. With tempertures reaching almost 100 degrees this is just not cutting it. The sunroof actually make it even worse with the direct sunlight beaming in. Yesterday I felt like I was about to have a heat stroke when I went to lunch. I have tried replacing the fuse but this does not work. When I get home from work today I am going to try to find the problem. I need help as to where I should start looking.

Thanks in Advance for all responses
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