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Other than a noticeably lower stance, which I assume is due to sagging springs, no -- no visually identified worn out suspension parts.

The bushings all look ok (not peeling or splitting) but are not exactly pliable either. Other than that, I don't know how to tell if suspension parts need to be replaced other than judging by the car's ride, which is pretty poor compared to what it used to be. (car bottoms out alot -- kinda bouncy over humps, etc)

You see, the first 195k miles of this car were driven by my mother, who didn't exactly pamper the car during that tenure. I just inherited the car as a graduation present. I'm almost positive that NO suspension parts have ever been replaced. I'm gonna drive this car till it won't drive no more, so i'm in the process of making any necessary ugrades necessary to help it to its eventually grave, if ever.

I recently purchased some '15 Sportline rims on Ebay (7 in width, offset 37) which came with some 205/55/15 Potenza Revo's on them almost new. The handling difference from changing wheels alone was dramatic. I can only imagine the improved handling and ride I'll get if I put in Sportline replacements.

One thing I don't want, however, is a tighter turning ratio that JCE and others have reported experiencing with their upgrade. I like the steering as it is now. I don't want super tight and sensitive steering.

The engine is really running well right now after I changed the plugs, did a top end cleaning, and did a thorough flush of the cooling system. Needle never goes over 80, even in stop and go 100 degree traffic here in Houston.

So my current focus is the tired suspension ....

Thanks for the replies Larry, and John


'91 300E 197k
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