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Mark Elrod
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Euro Headlights for 126. S and C

I have converted both 126 "S" cars and 126 Coupes. Both with and without wipers. The US wipers are just fine, and if toy re-set them to park low and along the edge they look fine and if the car is so dirty that you need to wipe more of the lens, you need to stop and clean everything. Apply a good coat of RAIN-X to the lens and there is no need for the wiper. (The euro lenses are glass!) COnversions of the 126Coupe is a pain, the lamp assembly si so critical to the lines around that bonnet, but once completed it is great. (Especially when re-wired and fitted with 100/130 watt lamps!)

On the connections, the existing headlamp plug can be reused with only a clearance hole for the additional terminal. Open the plug and re-arrange the leads to conform to the euro lamps wiring configuration. I do NOT recommend installing the vacuum headlight adjustment. This is far to tempting to play with and with high wattage lamps a great way to get into trouble. Remember that the euro lamps are NOT legal in the US, but it used responsibly you will have no problem. (Here in Cobb County Georgia they will burn you for out of olace headlights.

Good luck, you will find that the conversion is a piece of cake taken in a realisitc manner and the light is great.
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