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W-126 Dash Removal - Evaporator Replacement

A record of my trial and error approach to removing the dashboard of my '87 300SDL, Sybill, so that I can replace a leaking a/c evaporator.

The 126, while a lot more complicated than a 123, is still a Mercedes-Benz™ so, if you've ever done a 123 dash you'll find yourself on familiar ground. A lot of the engineering and manufacturing techniques are similar.

Sybil the SDL has had a hard life. A lot of her plastic is in bad shape so I take extra pains when removing trim and other items to avoid breaking things that I've never had to worry about on my 123s.

Also, some of the dissasembly pictures will be added later (as I reassemble the dash). FWIW, I already had removed the kick valences and some other trim while replacing the a/c expansion valve. It wasn't until later I discovered that the evaporator was leaking, necessitating the dash removal.

Procedures 83-110, 83-536 and 83-538 from the W126 FSM are helpful too.
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