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Glove compartment latch.

Hello everyone!! I know it's been a while since I've last posted. Been on vacation in Aloha Hawaii and enjoying it. But when I returned, my glove compartment for my 94MB C280 could not open. The tech removed the handle and found that a little plastic piece that's connected to the cylinder that pushes down on this lever in the inside of the glove compartment lid to open the glove compartment broke. ok.. run on sentence... but anyway, they could not find what part to order... in their computer, that piece was not included in the purchase of a new cylinder and neither was it in the part of the latch. Does anyone know what part this is? Maybe I'll take a pic later on and scan it to make things clearer.. any help would be appreciated~! Thanks

'94 MB C280 Lorinser Sport Suspension
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