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Re: 350 SDL Hammering at Idle - Replaced Delivery Valve O Rings

Originally posted by stephenson
I recently replaced the delivery valve o rings and washers

I swear there is increased clatter - more like what some describe as hammering - it also seems to smoke more (whitish/blue) and rougher idle. It runs absolutely superbly at speed and after a moment or two - still noisier at idle, I think.

Any ideas?


Is the car running rougher and noisier after the o-ring/washer replacement? If it is, retorque the deliver valve housing pipes again per Bosch instructions. The torquing instructions of these housing pipes have to be very carefully followed, otherwise, you may end up with a noisy system or a damaged FI pump.

You may have a problem with the injectors too. But the best way to attack this problem is to test the fuel injectors first (need the injector tester). Just to be sure they are working properly before working on the FI pump.


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