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First, degrease the underside of the hood with whatever is the equivalent of our "Gunk" engine cleaner, followed by a good water rinse. Might as well clean your engine compartment at the same time as it is going to be a bit messy. Let dry, then either wipe all underhood surfaces with clean gasoline or whatever solvent that 3M or equivalent is selling. Be careful! Once it is clean of any oil or residue, put your new pad up in place and put some alignment tags on it and the hood with masking tape. This is so you can place the pad in place accurately - you only get one shot at it once the glue is on both surfaces! (You start at the center, then do the sides.) Next, mask offf your engine and fenders and windscreen, then apply the spray glue to the hood and the pad, let them dry for the right amount of time and carefully apply. It worked for me!

Research the information on the temperature sensor on this site. Good stuff written. Sensor is less than $2.00 if you buy it right.
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