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87 300SDL trans modulator adjustment

Hello Group,
I took my car in to my mechanic a week ago to fix my "lack of passing gear" and he discovered my solenoid was bad. While in he also replaced my modulator valve, said that is why the car kicked so hard. Now, when the car is hot I am at the other end of the spectrum. My shifts are REALLY soft. Not really slipping but it feels like the transmission has to think about it before going from 1-2. I made the simple adjustment on my 84 300SD but the modulator on this car was smaller and didn't appear to have the adjustment on it. It was solid black. He will gladly take care of it if I take it back but I won't have time before taking it on a roadtrip..Thought maybe I would make a tiny adjustment just to firm it up a bit till I get back..I really only notice under a med/hard accel upshift. Thanks in advance! John
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