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a/c compressor grinding-best way to proceed?

yesterday, my A/C compressor started to make a grinding noise, and stopped working. The clutch is engaged but the compressor doesn't appear to be putting any load on the engine, so I guess something let go internal to the compressor. the system still has freon in it, because I can get the compressor clutch to engage.

Interestingly, the system was converted to R134 about 6 months ago, and worked fine until now...I don't know if that is want hastened the departure of the compressor or not.

I'm thinking I'll buy a compressor and dryer, another r134 conversion kit, pump it down, and give it a shot. Does anyone know where I can get a vaccum unit to pump the system down. Also, I'm a bit concerned that maybe when the compressor died, it sent metal throughout the do you get that out.


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