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Smile Is it Gas or Diesel?

Hi all Prevost3000 here.

I just bought a 1989 190E 2.6L Gasoline/Auto Trans. 174,100 miles.

I drove it home and noticed a big problem:

Black/Blue smoke exiting the exhaust pipe. The trunk lid/bumper of the car was covered in black yuk. The previous owner did not care for it at all, in the 10 months of ownership, it got an alternator and a battery, thats it, no oil, no plugs, no coolant, nothing!! To mercedes credit, thats good, but I am left with the neglected leftovers.

The smoke puffs on acceleration, but kinda levels off to nil at standstill idle. I pulled the plugs and they were oil fouled something bad, I threw a cheap set i had laying around to get it home. I wouldnt hardly idle with the old ones.

Question: Could the lack of oil change lead to the oil entering the combustion chamber? I know it had a 5W30 oil change 11,000 miles ago, 11 months ago. Viscosity breakdown? Do they make something that can clean out the oily chamber?

Do you think I should change out the fuel injectors, could some of the smoke be a couple bad injectors. My check engine light is NOT on.

Please Help.
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