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W124 brakes - too much pedal travel - bad M/C?

I recently purchased a 1987 300D 'fixer upper' that I knew needed a
brake job due to the flickering dash light, and also what I considered to be
poor feel at the pedal. The pedal would go fairly low before there was
'good' feel, then it was OK - you just had to move the pedal much more than
normal before the car started slowing (compared to my other 1987 300D, and
most other W124's I've driven.) I expected that new rotors/pads & bleeding
would cure it. (Silly me.)

So, I replaced all 4 rotors & pads, and as preventive maintenance
replaced the sorry-looking old rubber hoses with new ones, and pressure bled
the system with fresh fluid. And what did I get? No dash light, but the same
excess pedal travel I had before! What would cause this? Everything else
seems OK, all that's left (that I can think of) is the master cylinder or
ABS unit - and I don't see how either would cause this symptom. Usually
m/c's fail in other ways. (??) I know the rotors are straight, calipers seem
peachy, pads/rotors are properly cleaned and bedded in, and there is no air
in the system. What's left that would cause a low pedal? I don't want to
spend $100+ for a m/c if I'm going to get the same problem afterwards...
Anyone BTDT?


Dave M.
Sacramento, CA
1987 300D - 226kmi (great brakes)
1987 300D - 230kmi (lousy brakes - but WHY?)
1983 300D - 302kmi (pads feel like wood, but work OK)
1983 240D - 203kmi (for sale - great brakes)
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