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Cool aux. water pump & mono valve questions

I have a 1982 300SD. I did not have any heat all last winter and just had to replace the water pump, started to leak bad.
I don't know if my mono valve is working, as I never had any heat all last winter. Is it better to replace the whole mono valve or just replace the seals ?? I took it apart and the diaphragm does have a hole in it. I get air conditioning this summer, but nothing above the outside air temp. I assume this means my inside thermostat and controls are working ok.
I have seen other postings that refer to the aux. water pump. Where in my car is this aux. water pump?? I can not see anything that looks like a aux. water pump to me.
I would really like to have heat this winter, so I am trying to fix all the problems I can think of. I have only owned this car since July 2000.
I know these are simple questions to a lot of people, but I really need help to get heat.

Any help and input will be greatly appreciated.
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