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380SEL project info

Im currently doing up my Merc and want some pro info on what i wana do
I want to lower my 380sel ive been told diffrent ways to do it
Can anyone tell me the best way to lower it about 1.5" to 2" is my target.
Also i wana change my whole exhaust system setup. I was thinking two 2.5" pipes from the engine to the back of two high flow mufflers.
The sound i desire is a deep one and on take off i wana rattle a few panels, but while cruising i dont want it to loud. I was considering a glass pack muffler. I dont want to lose any HP if possible i want gain.
Last thing is clear indictaors where can i get them on the net and are there clear rear taillights avaliblle for this car

Any info would be gratefull
Thankyou in advance
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