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If he has MB experience, the balancer is probably not a problem, but it is IMPORTANT to NOT just stick in these pins and draw the balancer in place with the bolt. If it doesn't line up perfectly, and it probably won't, you will "bugger up" the crank and balancer.

It takes several tries to get the balancer in place so that you can THEN insert the pins. I put the balancer on and drew it off about a half dozen times before getting it lined up so the pins would go in.

I'm not near as worried about ASE or Bosch certification in a tech as I am experience AND a careful attitude. There are techs who are not aware of this balancer installation situation who would put the pins in place, draw it as tight as it would go with an impact wrench and consider it installed. An ASE or Bosch certification would not change that person's attitude.

If our business gets much worse, I may be on the street trying to make money however I can. In that case I could do it for you at my Dad's place in Grand Prairie.

Good luck,

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