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Originally Posted by A264172
Yes yearly, and only in a few countys for tailpipe testing. There have been, failed, efforts to make the whole inspection process biannual.

Unfortunatly the mechanics I have the best relationship with are not certified emmisions testers and outsource that job, making my test time subject to the whim of a busy shop that doesn't know me from Adam. If it becomes necessary at some point in future I am sure I will be able to make it happen though.
Our test PC saves the results and sends it to PennDOT. Only way to fake it would be use an existing good car and not your own. I would have to ask the Techs if this is possible on OBD-II equipped cars, but know of course it is possible on pre-OBD-II. Basically you should be able to just give them your VIN and they use a diferent car to test and then they give you the sticker. Our guys will not do anything shadey, not even for the IT guy who keeps there crap working.
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