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'91 190E 2.3 climate control puzzlement

I haven't yet located the owner's manual for our newly aquired Benz, and have been trying to decipher the climate controls - and decide if they work properly.

There is a row of buttons for outlet selection, I guess. Most have an up and/or a down arrow, which I believe refers to defrost and heater vents. It seems the 'outline' arrow is less flow than the 'solid' arrow. With all these buttons, air still flows from the dash vents, speed controlled by the slide fan switch, except '0' for off, and a 'defroster' symbol button which seems to turn the A/C and fan on full and blast air out of every orifice.

Does this seem like normal operation? I would expect the defroster position at least to shut off flow to the dash vents - it doesn't clear the windshield all that effectively despite all the fuss.

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