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1967 W108 250S Brakes Help

Hey MB Folks,

I am about to change the brakes for the first time on my '67 W108.012, 250S. I have several questions please.

1. I have owned the car since 2001 (51,000 original miles), and now just realized that while I do have the original car jack (which looks brand new), I do not have a lug nut wrench. I am assuming 17mm lugs, would that be correct? Can any or you recommend where I should get one?

2. I plan on changing the rotors and wheel bearings while I am at it, but I was wondering about the calipers. Is it suggested to spread the pistons out while the caliper is still on the old rotor? Do I need a special tool to do this? Any tips, suggestions, or comments are most appreciated.


Matt (TrouperL)
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