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Originally posted by LarryBible
Once you understand, it's really quite simple.

You align the camshaft timing marks (mark on stand with notch on washer) and TDC on balancer with pointer on block. You don't have to worry about any marks on the injection pump chain sprocket. Once everything is together with tensioner installed, and both these marks aligned, you align the timing mark on the injection pump with the notch in the splined area. With the injection pump aligned, you simply slip the pump into place without moving the engine and camshaft markers and you have your coarse timing accomplished.
Take the spring and small plunger from delivery valve #1 on the pump. Unscrew the center of the delivery element, NOT the two nuts holding he assembly in the pump. Put the element shell back on and attach the test pipe. Fill the fuel filter manually and loosen the bleed screw on the top to get a "gravity feed". Move the pump back and forth until the fuel "just" drips from the test pipe. Drip timing the pump is THE single most subjective adjustment on the car. The goal is to get 1 drip per second.

A very important note...the mark on the injection pump should be aligned and the pump installed at 24 degrees before TCD. You really need THE BOOK...not Chilton...not Haynes, but the M-B book.
Good Luck
Randy D.
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