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190E 2.3 steering question...

This is in regards a '91 190E we have had only a short while, 92k miles.

I have replaced the idler arm bushings and adjusted the front toe to about 1/16" via the right-hand tie rod only - leaving the steering wheel roughly centered. I also tightened the right rear track link where it was loose at its frame attachment, and replaced the rear shocks. All this has improved the steering and handling tremendously, but I feel it is still less than ideal. The car wants to steer to the right, as though camber or caster is not equal, and the steering is not as light and a bit more vague than I think it should be. The front also seems to transmit more shock than I expect from some freeway road surfaces. There are no clunks, groans, or creaks from anywhere, the rear wheels have no play when shaken, the left front seems to have only a slight amount when grasped at 12 & 6, despite adjusting the wheel bearing. The right front seems to have none. Would a good guess say that a proper alignment would likely cure the problem, or should I look further at bushing, ball joint, strut wear?

Thanks for any help.

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