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Originally Posted by sixto
If you're talking about R-12 vs R-134a, R134a is not an upgrade over R-12. That's a stupidity lazy shops perpetuate to do less work. If you want the best performance from your AC, stick to the refrigerant is was designed for.

R-12 is still available to recharge your system but you have to look for someone who won't insist on switching to R134a. If it came with R134a, anyone can recharge it. Heck, you can do it yourself.

It's nice to see some good advise.
But you do need to find the leaK FIRST BEFORE YOU CHARGE YOUR SYSTEM. If you want a reliable system for the next two to three years, plan on spending a grand. Not saying you are going to have to, but plan on it. You wont have to worrie about it for a while.
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