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Hi Ross!

If you are gonna do your own "wrenching", you may wanna get yourself a 124-036 CD. You can get them here for a buck-sixty and there has been some guy occaisionally selling them on ebay for $75-100. ( I think he must have a CD/RW and is burning copies.

Read the engine control article in the DYI column and then click on

graciously supplied by rainmaker and you will have a plan to follow.

I have asked a computer geek friend of mine if he could rig a bluetooth device that could be attached to an interface module connector to plug into the ASR and other computer plug ins under my hood and have it communicate wirelessly with my home server or laptop. If the cost is a lot less than the $4000.00 cost of a limited HHT, maybe, I could get the car to communicate with me in english like my wife's BMW wagon does.

When we have a light burn out we get a light on the dashboard telling us so but not which one. Her 540It has a rolling led screen just below the row of idiot lights and it prints out in plain english which light it is. I am going to disconnect her ASR just before the next scheduled service to see if the dashboard screen tells me in plain english which plug I pulled. If it does, this E500 is my LAST Benz.


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