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560 SEL Engine Miss....Cured!

Well after months of checking and rechecking for appropriate spark. Dumping in bottles of fuel injector cleaner, and alot of cussing over why my engine miss would not dissappear.....I finally got this car running properly.

The problem was a faulty/dirty fuel distributor. I attempted to overhaul/calibrate my old unit several times, but I finally gave up. (Not to mention I began to get a pretty good high from the gas fumes). Fortunately on my way home from the office I drove by a small shop with alot of MB's parked outside so I popped in and asked if they would happen to have a used fuel distributor for my amazement he had ten of them. So $290 (Can) later my benz is purring.

Now I can finally enjoy it for awhile.....Thanks to all for your help!

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