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Yikes! That one front 6mm socket head screw (bolt?) is a ***** to get out but other than that, I am happy I tackled this job, saving $500 labor! I didn't replace the fan bracket, but the engine is Q U I E T now! It took me a total of eight hours, though, being very careful and cleaning everything meticulously as I went along!

To answer my own questions, torque 'em as tight as you can since it's a cast iron block and you can hardly swing a wrench enough to overtighten anything.
replace the short hose (head to radiator) and thermostat and lower & upper radiator hoses and serpentine belt.

The belt is easy to get off, it's US style, you simply get a socket on the tensioner and twist as though you're tightening and it'll swing enough to loosen the belt. be sure to get the right lenght belt, if two are listed but only one is available don't ass-U-me its the correct one. (ok I'm not perfect).

Thanks for nothin'. I guess I'm the first one to change the H2O pump on a W210. If anyone needs further expert advice, I'm taking calls at my leisure.

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