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I do not recommend the screw driver trick to anyone. I wrote the message just to answer the question "how this belt was ever put on in the first place!". The belt was the right size but it was still very tight to put in or out. As Steve suggested in the next message, rolling the belt by turning the P/S pulley with the shaft nut or other similar bolts manually is the way to go.

Everyone has his own trick to work around problems. I learned the trick in an Automotive A/C shop when I was working there. We used this method from time to time. We knew what we were doing and took precautions. We knew how much force to put in and at what angle for safety. Instead of using a big screw driver, we also made a tool from a long welding rod for installing and removing belts, very handy. We unbolted the adjustment bolts if necessary during the process. There was no shortcut when it came to belt tension adjustment. As Larry stated, the new belt should be adjusted. The tension of a new belt should be checked 2 weeks after installation also.


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