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85 300D Automatic Transmission Linkage adjustments

The Service CD has no Guidance on the Automatic Transmission! Only the Haynes manual does. Does anyone have any troubleshooting Tables?
!!There is a flat spot in the gas pedal when I first push on it. The car hesitates and doesn't move too fast and then suddenly it comes to life after the first 1/4 to 1/3 pedal stroke. The problem is less significant as the engine warms up.
I thought the problem was in the fuel system/fuel system linkage at first because of the Temperature Dependency and the temp sensor on the Fuel Pump. Yesterday when I was fooling around with the throttle linkage, I started to suspect the Transmission shift linkage.
Do you know that wire with a rubber jacket and 12mm plastic nut that runs to the throttle assembly on top of the Valve Cover from the transmission? If I turn on the nut to make the wire taut will that reduce the power lag?
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