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Angry Rainwater Gremlins...again

Now here's a topic that's been beat to death, but I'm stumped:

I STILL get rainwater pooling in the rear floorpans of my 300D. I've cleared out all four drainage areas under the hood (two under the hood hinges, one under the battery tray, and one under the brake booster--they're all clear as a Christian's eyeball), and I don't think my windows leak at all. But here's a peculiar detail: water does not begin collecting until about 24 hours AFTER IT RAINS! So it must be pooling somewhere and slowly draining into the interior over the next day or two, but I cannot find where. Has anyone had this problem? Could it be from the two hood grilles near the front windshield where the wipers are? What the h*ll is going on? My floorpans are gonna rust themselves out of existence!
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