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Alarm went off - no reason

I was just sitting here not 5 minutes ago surfing the net and I heard the alarm go off in my 1986 420SEL, which is parked in the locked garage. The car had been driven last about 3 hours ago, parked in my garage and left. I had not turned the alarm on, in fact I had not even turned the key in the door when I parked it. Just turned the ignition off and came inside. I had to try turn the key several times before it would stop and then when I opened the door it came on again. I opened the hood and tried to find which fuse worked it. I pulled #7 for the horn, but then it came on again, horn and all. I don' t know what made it stop, but it is off now - replaced the fuse and closed the hood. Any ideas as to the cause? I would like to put an end to this as my wife often drives the car and she only has the valet key which will not disarm the alarm. I don't want this happening to her.
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