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al schultz
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1989 560 sl drivers seat malfunction

I just purchased a low mileage 1989 560SL and began having two problems. The first is that the drivers seat will no longer adjust downwards. It originally adjusted upward, I believe, six positions and upon depressing the lever arm the seat would shift downward to its lowest position, accomodating my height. It now shifts up and down one position only, seemingly the highest position. I can see no problems with the gears under the seat. It appears that all of the mechanism is a part of the seat and so removing the seat should not create a problem, but I am not sure. I cannot visualize the mechanism between the seat and the floor/body without removing the seat.

Second problem is that antenna does not fully retract when turning radio/ignition/switch off. Can you advise? Thanks so much for your help!

Oops! I have a third problem.... the tape player does not work.

Thanks again!

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