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Kelly Pepper
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You'll all be happy to hear that my window has been fixed!

I went to Laird's Auto Glass (maybe they're a chain where all of you are...they are here).

Anyway, they replaced the "Doorglass Regulator Roller"...
part cost: $ 6.25
labor: $65.00

Total: $71.63

This has got to be a record of the cheapest repair for a Mercedes Benz!?

They also quoted me $180.00 to replace the typical worn leather bulster on the drivers seat! It's just a bit scuffed with a very, very small hole (smaller than an eraser head on a #2 pencil), but why not make it perfect!

Again, I'd say that's pretty reasonable...wouldn't you?

On another note...I AM seeing oil on the garage floor!!!

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